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Raven “The Talk Show Maven”

How to talk your way to success, fame and
profit using the power of your voice

Award Winning Radio Talk Show Host

As an award winning talk show host, celebrity interviewer, columnist, speaker, author and executive producer of multiple radio shows, both live, on air and on the Internet, Raven has proven that the power of one’s voice can pave the road to success.

She’s a pro when it comes to interviewing thought leaders, celebrities, power business owners and ordinary people with extraordinary stories.

Her radio network “Amazing Women of Power Talk 24.7” Positive Programming Radio Network presently broadcasting shows to over 150 countries and three million listeners.

Tonya Hofmann

Turn your life’s experience into a presentation
that gets you paid to speak

Founder of The Public Speakers Association

Although Tonya Hofmann is now the founder and CEO of the Public Speakers Association and globally sought after speaker, she didn’t start out that way. Listen to her as she shares her experience going from a very shy person to becoming an international speaker and multi-book author.

Tonya is a globally sought after speaker, founder of Career Speaker Academy, host of her own Fabulousness TV Show and a best selling author of six books.


Khalig Glover
aka “Khaliq-O-Vision”

How to create a mindset of excellence
and go from ordinary to extraordinary

Grammy Winning Sound Engineer

Khaliq Glover (also know as Khaliq-O-Vision) is a Grammy Award Winning Engineer/Author/Producer whose clients include Prince, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Angie Stone, Herbie Hancock, Christina Aguilera, Marcus Miller, Jeffrey Osborne, Jamie Foxx, Patti LaBelle, Shanice, Smokey Robinson, and many more.

Listen as he shares his inspiring journey to success  from growing up in the projects of Pittsburgh to working with top celebrities.

He is one of the mixing and recording engineers on the Michael Jackson album called “Michael” as well as the “This Is It” theme song from the movie and he previously worked on the original “We Are The World” project with Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie, and a host of the world’s top recording stars.

Khaliq has written a book entitled “Hypnotic Music Secrets” (available on that reveals techniques and tips used by the stars to make music feel irresistible to it’s listeners.

Khaliq Glover is the founder of the ‘Music Mixing Success Bootcamp’ and is also a mentor to aspiring audio engineers, musicians, singers, and songwriters throughout the world with his music and audio engineering tutorial sites.


Biba Pedron

Attracting targeted buyers to your business
through effective communication

Business Coach & Marketing Expert

If you are tired of trying to sell to people without results, then you will want to hear Biba Pedron tell you how to connect instead of selling to attract targeted buyers who will pay triple the price for your services!

Biba Pedron is a business coach, marketing expert, best-selling author and speaker. She helps entrepreneurs in the French and US market to grow their business through marketing and simple but effective online and offline strategies to attract more clients, make more money and finally build the business of their dreams.

Jamie O’Neill

From makeup artist to global cosmetic brand

Founder Skull Sugar Cosmetics
She’s been at the Oscar’s, Billboard Music Awards, Fashion Week and featured in Vogue, Elle and Glamour magazines – all within just 2 years of starting her business! Listen to Jamie O’Neill share her journey as a makeup artist to creator and founder of the global cosmetic brand “Skull Sugar Cosmetics.”
Ann McIndoo

How to get your book out of your head
and into your hands

Author's Coach - Over 1,200 books produced!
She has worked with Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Robert Allen and over 1,000 more, Ann McIndoo, CEO and Founder of So, You Want to Write, is an author’s coach for CEO’s, speakers, entrepreneurs, business owners and coaches that helps you to “Get Your Book Out of Your Head and Into Your Hands.” Listen as she shares “7 Easy Steps to Writing Your Book” today!
Michael Senoff

How to publish and sell high profit information

Multi Media Publisher

He had a desire to create a business from home, so he started interviewing big name marketers and getting them to spill the beans on how they got rich and famous. Now he gives most all of his MP3 audios away on the “Worlds #1 FREE Marketing Interview Site” on the Internet, which he created.

If you want to know how to make money online, Michael Senoff gives you the straight up facts and literally goes through step by step how you can do exactly what he does too in this exclusive interivew “How to Publish and Sell High Profit Information.”


Jewels Mueller
Founder Chicks Connect

Creating Your Dream Lifestyle

She packed up her family and hit the road in an RV to travel the country and build her business.

Who does that? Jewels Muller does!

And in this interview with her she tells you how she overcame fear, developed her plan, and stepped out to create a “dream lifestyle” with her business.

She is the creator and founder of “Chicks Connect” a global community of women supporting women in life and business success.


Steve Kidd
Success Coach, Radio Host

Sharing Your Unique Brilliance With The World

Steven Kidd helps people discover and release the uniquely brilliant talent they have within that they were created to share with the world. He is a premiere success coach and host of Thriving Entrepreneur on the eWN Radio Network.


Jacqueline Nichols
Executive Matchmaker

How to Attract Love…The Real Deal Kind of Love!


Renie Duvall
Award Winning Entrepreneur

Strategies to Motivate Yourself to Get the Results You Want and Achieve Ultimate Success

She took a $1,000 loan and turned it into a $37 million dollar business. Listen to award winning entrepreneur Renie Duvall share her “Strategies to Motivate Yourself to Get the Results You Want and Achieve Ultimate Success.”


Norma Hollis
America’s Leading Authentic Voice Doctor

How to Create Authenticity in Life and Business Using Your Natural Gifts and Talents


Mark Hiatt
Your Networking Universe, Founder

Secrets to Networking at an Event

Learn to network with the best, overcome fears and receive business leads quickly and easily, as Mark Hiatt, founder of Your Networking Universe shares “Secrets to Networking at an Event.”


Kathy Kidd
Brand and Marketing Strategist

Become a Celebrity Expert in Your Field

If you want to know how to “Become a Celebrity Expert in Your Field,” you can learn now from brand and marketing strategist Kathy Kidd.  She will help you play an A-game and be a recognized brand to your target market so you can be known and impact the world with your message!


Ashton Root
Serial Entrepreneur

How to Make a Quantum Leap Daily In Your Business

As a software publisher, startup investor and superior communicator (from his experience as a writer, director and actor in the Hollywood film business), you will enjoy this motivating message of how he strategically achieves success through tactical Quantum Leaps Daily.


Your BFF Sutra
Master Networker

Why attending events accomplishes more

Have you ever wondered,is it beneficial for you to attend events? Listen to Master Networker, Event Guru and Home-Based Entrepreneur “Your BFF Sutra” share “Why Attending Events Accomplishes More!”

She has spent the last 20 years building relationships through networking events, tradeshows and conventions She designed “Business Focused Fundamentals (BFF)” and is a coach for those in Home-Based business helping them to master the art of work–life balance and a consultant for meeting & event creation.


Carolyn McGee
Master Intuitive Healer

Tap Into Your Divine Guidance to Open the Flow of Abundance

Carolyn McGee is a Master Intuitive Healer, Teacher & Coach specializing in helping you to release your blocks and turn on the faucet of abundance so that your life will flow with ease and grace.


Renee Wilbur, Founder

Build Connections Faster and Turbocharge Your Sales

Learn how to “Build Connections Faster and Turbocharge Your Sales” with Renee Wilbur, the founder of, a ground-breaking resource exchange and trusted networking hub that combines the best of business networking, marketing, social media linking and community support on one robust platform.


Abbey Kent
Coach, Trainer, Speaker

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership


Anne McCallister
Certified Professional Organizer®

Strategies for a Productive Work Day…and for Quality of Life

Anne McCallister, Certified Professional Organizer® and founder of Inside the Box Organizing shows overwhelmed small business, self-employed and home office clients how to think inside the box. With an emphasis on fun and simplicity, she helps create more productive, organized and less stressful work environments.


Terri Ward
Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

How to improve your energy and more

Terri Ward, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, supports families in creating nutritious meals that are delicious and fun. She specializes in using the power of nutrition to heal and prevent disease. Listen to her today share “How to Improve Your Energy, Concentration, Mood and More by Balancing Your Blood Sugar (Myths and Mistakes).


Kathy Peterman, RN

How to Build Health with Raw Cleansing

Kathy Peterman, RN teaches the importance of gaining and maintaining health with recipes and tips to make your cleanse successful.


Carol Griesmeyer
Oriental Health Coach

How to Incorporate Eastern Health Philosophies to Live a Life of Balance and Harmony

Terri Ward, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, supports families in creating nutritious meals that are delicious and fun. She specializes in using the power of nutrition to heal and prevent disease. Listen to her today share “How to Improve Your Energy, Concentration, Mood and More by Balancing Your Blood Sugar (Myths and Mistakes).


Cindia Carrere
Intuitive for Entrepreneurs

How PH Opens Your Pathways to Abundance

Professional and personal satisfaction, including time and money freedom, all depend on an aligned Energy Grid. With laser precision, Cindia‘s tech skills with the Human Operating System and her intuitive strategies quickly reveal, remove and heal the invisible blocks standing in the way of her client’s goals.


Guylaine Lacerte


Mara Hoover


Stacey Bellwood


Chris Bryant


Molly Dalbec